Our Personalized Services

At Antoine Karam, we specialize in bringing your custom-made creations to life.
Whether it’s for your home, office, yacht or jet, we will see that our craftsmen meets your demand,
while taking your specific needs into consideration.

We always work to guarantee that everything is to your liking and within your budget.
This is why we have custom-made services and not just ready-to-buy luxury products.
All our renowned custom-made work is possible thanks to the exceptional patience, skill and talent
of our individual seamstresses, embroiderers and artists.  Teamwork plays a large role in
our elaborate process to make eye-catching ‘couture’ for your home.

We’re also happy to reproduce any design or pattern, be it a dish, decorative object, or any other
item you already have, on our wide range of products: tablecloths, sheets, bed covers, napkins,
place mats, bath mats, terry towels, curtains and wedding trousseaus.

Have a unique signature touch on your linens: yours!